ARECO Technology Inc. brings innovative downhole solutions that enhance well productivity while reducing operational costs. Our products significantly improve the effectiveness of completion, ensure safety, and optimize prolonged well performance. Ultimately, ARECO’s cost-effective technology focuses on ease of use and safety, while helping our clients maximize oil & gas production.

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Work with proven technology that operates simply, efficiently, effectively. For ARECO, you are not just another project. We aim to understand your needs and customize solutions resulting in optimal ROI.


  • Simulation-Perforation-Tunnel-CoFrac-Tests

Pressure Test in Simulated Perforation Tunnel

PRESSURE TEST IN SIMULATED PERFORATION TUNNEL  Test Purpose: Pressure tests in a simulated perforation tunnel were conducted to measure pressure as released by CoFrac® Perforation (Fig.1), another Propellant Perforation method on the market [...]

JRC Section II Test

SECTION II TESTING AT HALLIBURTON JRC ADVANCED PERFORATING FLOW LABORATORY Recently, Areco Technology Inc. conducted a Section II Flow Lab Test at Halliburton Jet Research Center. Three tests were performed, including a Barrel [...]

  • areco-cofrac-fieldi-tests-analysis-and-results

CoFrac Field Tests

COFRAC FIELD TESTINGS CoFrac™ has been utilized on more than 5,000 vertical wells in Chinese reservoirs with very low natural permeability, similar to USA unconventional reservoirs. Below are the results of three field [...]

  • areco-cofrac-api-test-analysis-and-results

CoFrac Surface API Concrete Targets Test

SURFACE API CONCRETE TARGETS TEST For this test, standard API concrete targets were perforated with conventional and CoFrac™ System measuring 4.25 in. OD and loaded 5 SPF. The 39-gram RDX shaped charge was [...]

  • areco-cofrac-sandstone-test-analysis-and-results

CoFrac Sandstone Target Test

SANDSTONE TARGET TEST A test was conducted to measure perforation performance in a sandstone target. For this test, two identical sandstone targets were prepared. A test apparatus was configured [...]

  • areco-cofrac-pressure-test-analysis-and-results

CoFrac Pressure Test

PRESSURE TEST Conducted at the Explosive Test Center of North Schlumberger Oilfield Technology(Xi’an) Corporation to identify the effects of the shockwave pressure produced by the composite charge. The test [...]

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