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ARECO Technology Inc. brings innovative downhole solutions that enhance well productivity while reducing operational costs. Our products significantly improve the effectiveness of completion, ensure safety, and optimize prolonged well performance. Ultimately, ARECO’s cost-effective technology focuses on ease of use and safety, while helping our clients maximize oil & gas production.

Our Technology   


Shaped charge factories frequently perform steel target shooting tests. After perforation, there are often traces of powder residue on the steel target from the shaped charge’s metal shell. This “umbrella tail” of the perforation jet has a speed of 1000-2500 m/s, while the speed of the front-end of the jet is 6000-8000 m/s.

Placing a donut-shaped propellant cap on the front-end of the shaped charge meant that the jet should pass through the cap hole and the umbrella tail would bring the propellant into the perforation tunnel.

After the shaped charge jet perforates the formation, the propellant material is pushed into the perforation tunnel where it deflagrates continuously. The energy released by the deflagration will apply directly to the perforation tunnel, creating a fracture network without damage to the wellbore and casing. The working mechanism, the pressure transfer between the wellbore and formation, and location of propellant deflagration are ultimately different from that of other perforation methods.

CoFrac™ Technology is the first of many high-tech well completion solutions that ARECO looks to introduce to the O&G Industry.


As a new addition to the completion technology field, ARECO prides itself on the ability to think outside of the box. We come up with unconventional concepts based on market needs to create industry-advancing products.


ARECO takes pride in cost-effective technology that focuses on ease of use and safety. We envision an oil & gas industry that’s driven by quality solutions.

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