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Production Enhancer

CoFrac™ Gun has achieved the directional control of energy. When the detonator is fired, the shaped charge discharges to create an explosion jet and conducts perforation. The perforation jet carries the propellants into the perforating tunnel. Pressure drop triggers the propellants to burn continuously throughout the tunnel, releasing energy directly to the perforation tunnel.

Available In:

CFS-32-020-06060-B 3-1/4” 6 SPF 60 Degree Phasing
CFS-32-025-06060-B 3-1/4” 6 SPF 60 Degree Phasing
CFS-32-030-06060-B 3-1/4” 6 SPF 60 Degree Phasing
CFS-32-040-06060-B 3-1/4” 6 SPF 60 Degree Phasing

CoFrac™ Gun Assembly is also available in other shot densities, phases and lengths.

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Plug-N-Play with regular shaped charges;

Increase perforation entrance hole diameter (EHD);

Deepen perforation penetration;

Eliminate perforation tunnel crushed zone;

Induce fractures (pre-fracturing) to formation

Eliminate acid wash;

Minimize the possibility of fracturing screen-out (better sand placement)

Additional enhanced production;

Prolong enhanced production;

Reduce operating costs by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of perforating and fracturing;

Improve the operational HS&E


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