It has been demonstrated by lab and surface testing and confirmed by field test results that the ReCo™ Charge comprised of a standard shaped charge and a solid propellant cap will enhance the perforating event.  The ReCo™ Cap design allows the solid propellant to be deposited into the perforation tunnel before deflagration; therefore, maximizing energy impact to the crushed zone and formation.  The addition of ReCo™ Cap to the shaped charge will increase entry hole diameter, deepen penetration, enlarge perforation tunnel volume and fracture reservoir rock.

Production Enhancer

CoFrac™ technology combines any regular shaped charge with the ReCo™ Cap to enhance perforation, reduce the cost of well completion operations, and increase production output.

The result is a cleaner perforation with higher permeability and lower skin.  These perforations reduce tortuosity during hydraulic fracturing, lowering treatment pressure and improving proppant placement.  Lab results also show a lowered entry-hole diameter (EHD) variance, which signifies that each perforation is more likely to take equal volumes of fluid and proppant; therefore, improving perforation cluster efficiency.

Take a look at the testing Results for CoFrac™ at Halliburton JRC

JRC Testing

Plug-N-Play with regular shaped charges;

Increase perforation entrance hole diameter (EHD);

Deepen perforation penetration;

Eliminate perforation tunnel crushed zone;

Induce fractures (pre-fracturing) to formation

Eliminate acid wash;

Minimize the possibility of fracturing screen-out (better sand placement)

Additional enhanced production;

Prolong enhanced production;

Reduce operating costs by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of perforating and fracturing;

Improve the operational HS&E


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